4 Wheel Robotics Projects

· 02/09/2021

Now-a-days, people have been improving their skills, studying and researching the nature of science, and using the energy of the nature to operate their machines. Last century is noted for the creation of machines which can operate other machines. Nowadays the creation of devices that interact with the physical world is available to anyone.

To learn about Robotics and to interact with physical world, we are introducing a Robotics DIY kit. Our Robotics DIY Kit course consists of a series of practical problems on making things that work independently: they make their own decisions, act, and move, communicate with each other and people around, and control other devices. We will demonstrate how to assemble such devices and program them using the Arduino platform. . The creation of such devices will involve design, the study of their components, the assembly of circuit boards and coding using Arduino IDE. In this course we will also be useful to home and industrial automation.

 What you’ll learn ?

  • Students will learn to assemble kits and make attractive and useful projects.
  • Students will be learn different electronic components.
  • Students will able to use micro-controllers. 
  • Students will learn how to connect hardware with the software.
  • Students will learn to code using Arduino IDE.
  • Designing of circuits that interacts actuators and sensors.

Course Includes:

  • Basic to Advance level
  • Activities for better understanding
  • Quizzes 
  • Full time access.
  • Easy access in mobile and laptops
  • Certificate on completion


  • No prior Knowledge required
  • Interest in learning new technologies
  • Basic knowledge of basics electronics components.

Who is this course for ?

This course is designed for Young Students, Tinkers, Educators, Teachers, and anyone who wants to learn about making new things using this kit.

About this course

In this course, we will learn about Robotics and assemble the kit to make different movable objects.The entire course is dedicated to practice, so the best way for you would be to get hold of some electronics, follow the illustrated examples and experiment on your own.

Robotics is the intersection of science, engineering and technology that produces machines, called robots, that substitute for (or replicate) human actions.Robotics have many applications in the field of science.You can find robots in your home like in vacuum cleaner,dish washer and many more.

We will make different projects using one kit and you can reassemble this kit again and again as per your requirements. 

Course Content

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Course Content

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Course Includes

  • 10 Lessons
  • 46 Topics
  • 6 Quizzes
  • Course Certificate

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