· 12/02/2022

With Automobile Kit you able to understand about how 2 stroke and small 4 stroke engines operate. E.g. strimmers, lawnmowers and small motorcycles/scooters.

This Course Includes:

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  • No prerequisite knowledge required
  • Automobile kit is mandatory.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for everyone who wants to learn about functions and operations of stroke engine.

About this Course:

We have seen how technology has advanced. From prehistoric diesel engines to current highly sophisticated common rail engine, from 2-stroke to modern 4-stroke engine, and now even variable compression engines, all are a step forward towards better and more efficient internal combustion engines.

In this course, we will be discussing 2-stroke vs 4-stroke engine models. If you are in the 30s, you must remember old 2-stroke Yamaha bikes, or the low-roof Suzuki carry van, both of which used to make a lot of noise, and a lot of smoke. Those were the days of 2-stroke engines. But do not think that 2-stroke is a thing of a past. These engines are still widely used in various applications. The needs have, however, changed. The efficiency of an engine has taken priority over a lot of other things.

But efficient or not efficient, for an engine to work properly, it has to undergo a complete combustion process. This process is sub-divided into four processes. Now, these processes can either work in parallel (one or two in parallel) or can be individual, depending upon the type of engine. Let us see what these are and how they work in this course!


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Course Includes

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