Breadboard Hardware Circuits

· 15/06/2021

Breadboards are one of the most fundamental pieces when learning how to build circuits. In this course, you will learn a little bit about what breadboards are and how to use one. Once you are done you should have a basic understanding of how breadboards work and be able to build a basic circuit on a breadboard.

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What You’ll learn?

  • What is Breadboard?
  • Basic electronic components and their functions.
  • How to build real world based projects.
  • Understand difficult concepts in a fun and interactive way.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for Young Students, Tinkers, Educators, Teachers, and everyone who wants to learn about basic electronics and want to make their own projects.

About this Course:

A breadboard is a solderless construction base used for developing an electronic circuit and wiring for projects with other components like ICs. As common as it seems, it may be daunting when first getting started with using one.

In order to test an electronic circuit design, or to build a prototype of a desired design, breadboards are very useful because they allow the user to set up a temporary circuit that does not require any printed circuit boards or soldering of any components. Components can easily be reconfigured or rearranged until the circuit becomes what is desired.

This course covers all of the details necessary for the user to understand the mechanics of breadboards, there use, how to set up power and ground and how start with a schematic and the indicated electronic components (resistors, capacitors, transistors, etc.) and properly recreate that exact circuit on a breadboard.

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Introduction to Electronics

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