Don’t just learn, Make it happen

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Don’t just learn, Make it happen

Can you trust someone who says they can teach you how to drive in a classroom by theoretical knowledge? Of Course not. So, if you can’t trust anybody with an insignificant act then how can your child’s education be totally dependent upon theoretical knowledge?

CoreChamp is aware of the importance of practical knowledge in the world running outside the four walls of a classroom. We want the students of CoreChamp to know how to deal with real-life problems by knowing the ground realities faced outside the virtual world.

Impact of Practical Knowledge on the Young Minds

It has been noted that the schools mostly focus more on the theoretical aspect of the subjects than the practicals. Also, the little to no practicals conducted are even outdated which are not relevant to today’s new technological world.

According to the research, kids who are into Empirical Learning are found to be more successful in the Competitive World. Apart from that, it has been noticed that practical learning helps the learner to remember the knowledge for a longer period of time. With the help of practical knowledge, one can acquire qualities like teamwork, leadership, and discipline.

Practical Learning at CoreChamp

The teacher plays an important role in creating a learning environment for the students. And at CoreChamp, highly qualified teachers are helping the younger generation by letting them create great things digitally on their own and guiding them on how it could get better.

DIY (Do It Yourself) projects used at CoreChamp help the students to create the projects themselves without any guidance. This enables a sense of confidence in them which motivates them to complete tasks themselves. Also, there are a number of activities that help in improving practical learning like Sports, building blocks, sketching, play video games, and many more.

Many academic centers ignore sports and games which hinders the capability of the children to learn teamwork, tackle challenges, build leadership qualities, the importance of following the rules, and much more. But here, we make sure that every activity held teaches something or the other to a student. The activities at CoreChamp are formulated after a lot of research and demos to ensure that children gain unlimited skills and learn to implement them as well.

Courses we offer for effective Practical Learning

At CoreChamp, we offer different courses for all age groups keeping in mind the different intellectual levels. There are two different approaches kept in mind while formulating the courses offered to the students belonging to the age group of 7-9 and 10+. This helps the child to understand the different perspectives of the same topic which are possible outside the book knowledge.

We understand that the world is dynamic in nature thus, developing new skills along the challenges thrown is equally essential. The MNCs ranking on the top today were not present a few years back but they have generated employment for a large percentage of the youth. The technical field is the most evolved currently which mostly depends on coding.

Coding is the most requested skill today for which we are offering a course for the basis of coding which can be grasped by young minds easily. Since coding is a huge aspect in the field of programming, most people assume it can be learned after a certain age. But at CoreChamp, we are constantly shattering stereotypes by offering robotics and coding courses to the younger generation.

We offer courses like Artificial Intelligence along with Graphical Programming that will help the students to kick start their career once they are out of the learning stage. Most importantly these topics are taught along with the practical phenomena to ensure students of CoreChamp excel in every possible field.

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