Setup Best Robotics & AI Labs in Schools

Core Champ Team with Kiran Bedi

Core Champ’s goal is to foster the “Consumer to Creator” Mindset from a Young Age amongst
school kids.

CORE CHAMP Technologies is an Edu-Tech Company pioneering new concepts Methodology, R&D and Design Initiatives to promote “Make in India” and “Design in India”.

They are creating multiple electronic kits and making learning fun to enable students to learn, program, and experiment in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence.

Core Champ’s Services and Products are:

― Products

STEM Tinkering Labs
ATAL Tinkering Labs
Artificial Intelligence Labs
3D Printing Labs
Internet of Things Labs

― Services
E-Learning Platform (LMS)
In School Training Program
Robotics Workshops
Industrial Trainings
PCB Designing

The positive power of education

Core Champ established 300+ STEM Labs and collaborated with 1000+ schools with 30+ channel partners all around PAN India. So Corechamp’s team focuses to provide World-Class STEM Education and Exposure to School Children of multiple age groups.

Core Champ Products for Edu-Tech

Corechamp is developing Project-based Learning Kits, which give potential to students to learn Robotics. They are currently offering 50+ Hands-On STEM & DIY Kits to K12 segments and provide training on the kits to help school children create Innovative Projects to solve 21st Century societal problems.
Some of the products are Knewton Blocks, Duino, STEM Gravity Kit, Bio-Medical Kit, Bio-Tech Kit, Agritech, Water Sanitation, IoT Kit, Breadboard Kit, Paper Circuit Kit, etc.

Mr. Deepak Garg (Founder & CEO, Core Champ)

Mr. Deepak Garg- Founder & CEO, of Corechamp Technologies vision & mission, is to bring Innovation Culture in Education with the Technology to promote 21st Century Skills amongst school children from a young age in Urban and Rural schools alike and to help school students effectively transition from a ‘Theory-Based Learning’ to ‘Theory + Practical Based Learning’.

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